• Nakameguro

Chrissy Kouwenhoven Irvine


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Nakameguro is a boutique filled suburb in Tokyo, where small dogs are pushed around in prams and taken to dog salons, and celebrities live. This is an apartment building ft. cloud trees, huge electricity line networks and an array of street signs.

Nakameguro, Tokyo


Photographed on a Mamiya 6 with Portra 400, 6x6 film, colour processed, scanned at the highest resolution with a Hasselblad Imacon, printed on archival 100% cotton rag with archival inkjet inks.

Available in four sizes,

250 x 250 mm, edition of 12
500 x 500 mm, edition of 5
750 x 750 mm, edition of 4
1000 x 1000 mm, edition of 3

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